Isaiah 6. In this episode, we begin our journey into learning about the prophets and their role in God’s plan for Israel during the exile. God had warned the people that if they did not turn back to Him, they would lose the land. They did lose the land, but not all was without hope. God had a plan. God would keep a remnant unto Himself that would bring about His plan for salvation.

In this episode, the first two background songs come from Scripture Lullabies. The instrumental CD they are from is called “Lighthouse: A Piano Album.” The songs played are “Holy Holy Holy” and “Light my Way.”

Whether you are 2 or 92, this music will minister deeply to your soul with beautiful orchestrations that sound more like a movie score than what you might expect from typical nursery music. Story after story tell of lives being transformed by this powerfully peaceful music. As Scripture Lullabies play, nightmares disappear. Anxiety loses its power. Peace replaces turmoil and unrest.

This peaceful music has been used to calm anxious hearts; help babies, children, and adults sleep soundly; and bring peace to those suffering from illness, trauma, grief, and difficult circumstances. Experience God’s Word in a uniquely gentle way with Scripture Lullabies.

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