Truth Seekers: Bible Stories for Kids Podcast


Welcome to Truth Seekers: Bible Stories for Kids, a biblically based podcast designed for young minds eager to explore the wonders of the Bible! Join host, Sherilyn Grant, to embark on an exciting journey through the captivating true stories of the Old and New Testament.

Delve into the timeless stories of faith, courage, and redemption, carefully crafted to engage children and adults alike. At Truth Seekers, we believe that each story in the Bible forms a crucial piece of a grand narrative, unveiling God’s profound plan to rescue and renew humanity.

Through the power of storytelling and Scripture, our mission is to illuminate the path of salvation, revealing God’s boundless love and unwavering faithfulness. Join us as we uncover profound truths and discover practical lessons that resonate deeply with our lives.

Each episode includes:

  1. A narration of the current Bible story
  2. An application of truth from the Bible to our lives
  3. A prayer focusing on what we learned

The podcast also includes a monthly “Praying the Bible” episode where listeners learn how to pray the truths of the Bible.

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