I’m so excited to share with you a new addition to the podcast. Each month, I will be doing a series called, “Praying the Bible.” I’m still continuing our Bible stories series, but this is just a new addition that will pop up once a month. I believe very much in teaching our children to pray. I believe in teaching children that God is always near and always listening and that there are truths from His Word that they can stand on when they pray. Teaching children to pray the Bible at a young age will give them a foundation for prayer as they get older.

I have created free downloadable prayer guides for each episode that you can receive directly to your email inbox. You can subscribe by going to my website: sherilynrgrant.com. There you will find a place to subscribe with your name and email address under “Free Prayer Guide for Kids.”

Thank you for listening and I pray that these episodes are an encouragement and inspiration to you as you lead your children to Jesus.