The skill of Huram was given to Him by God. Only God could have placed within Huram such ability to create and design such beauty. The best part is that Huram was able to use his skills to bring glory to God. Whenever anyone would approach the temple, they would be reminded of God’ majesty and wonder and beauty. God wants us to use the gifts and talents He has given us to reflect him and bring Him glory. When you go out into the world and play your sports, or dance at your recital, or sing at your church, or finish your math homework, or write a poem, you can do those things unto the Lord. Not everyone Is called to be a missionary to other countries, but we can use our talents right where we are to show God’s glory to those around us. Huram spent his whole life working with metals and building things, and one day, God called on him to use his skill for the temple. You never know where God might ask you to use your gifts and your talents. Ask him to show you how he wants to use you today!

If you’d like to read more about Huram and the temple, you can find the story in 1 Kings 7 and 2 Chronicles chapters 2-4.