In this episode, our passage from the Bible comes from Mark 11: 1-11. We will be reading the story of Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter. Palm Sunday is the day that Jesus came into the city of Jerusalem riding on a donkey. The reason it is called Palm Sunday is because as Jesus was entering the city on a donkey, the crowds of people were cheering to him and waving palm branches as he passed by. They would place their coats and palm branches on the ground before him as he sat on the donkey and the donkey walked down the path of the coats and the palm branches. Now, why would the people place their coats and palm branches on the ground before Jesus? Well, in those days, when Kings would come back to their kingdom after fighting battles and protecting the people from bad guys, they would be welcomed back with a great celebration and as they rode into their kingdom, their people would lay palm branches and coats on the ground before them to show honor and how much they loved their king. To the Jews, they saw Jesus as their future king! They thought Jesus had come to rule and reign over them and fight their enemies. The welcomed Jesus into the city as a king. But many of them did not understand that he was a different kind of King. He is a heavenly King, come from heaven to save us. Jesus came to die on the cross to take away the punishment for our sins so that we can be close to God and have a relationship with him. God loves us so much that he sent Jesus to die for us, and one day we will live with him in his kingdom forever.